Hollow Halloween

Yes, you're expecting this long breakdown of why I don't celebrate Halloween, the day of Satanthe dead, and the fear it creates for many Christians. Nope, that's not where this is going.  

Actually, for many years I struggled with a few things when it comes to this day. I was never really clear on what Halloween was. I knew that my church friends looked shook or just never really cared about the conversationThey came with so many easy small quick answers to tell me why not to partake.  

As I became an adult and we had our first son I encountered a new set of problems. How would I explain to my son that we were not interested in partaking in this day? Out of nowhere, God did something. No, it wasn't a preaching or a service, it was a challenge from a church planting pastor who I was working on staff with. He said how can we talk about Jesus when we're closed in on the day we most need to be the light, in this so-called darkness.  

As motivational as that sounded, the biggest question that came up was, well what does that even look like? Are we supposed to celebrate Halloween now, is it safe to join in this devil's dance of costumes lol (relax this is me saying that in my head)? yes and no. 

It can be a little confusing I know but let me explain. Sitting inside your church on Oct 31, is no different than any other day your kids are exposed to school, society, and community. The day we're all supposed to sort of hide or be ultra-sensitive. We will put up signs on our doors, turn off our front door lights, and try are best not to engage in the festivities. All while slowly isolating a gospel that needs your hands and feet to impact a community that's broken plus needs you. Yes, your neighbor that you barley talk to, who doesn't even know your name because your worried about if your attendance on Sunday is picture perfect, needs the Gospel. 

Imagine if you could finally use this chance to speak to people on your block, introduce yourself with candy in hand, gift, or just something to start a conversation with. God is so much more powerful than any of costumes around here and he can be presented front and center to new hearts that are waiting for a recovery process, that only God can give. Umm...yes, I know it's a different way of thinking but if you really break it down it's not crazy at all. 

The main issue most of the times is pretty simple, when we never planted a seed in our community beyond the t-shirts and free meals. Trying to speak to people who have no idea who you are can be tough but not impossible. Start on this day. If you don't want to dress up fineStart small, set up a basket, and meet the neighbors over candy, meet their kids, and let that be a launching pad to something greater. You have a chance to offer something life changing. A gift sweeter than candy.... eternal life.  

Yes, the 31 has a bad rap but why not use it to provide light. I understand it won't get you cool points around the church folk, but are you here for them or those that need him? Some have no clue. He has given you something special to offer! 
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