Faith in Friends

In a world where superficial words are used excessively. The meaning has taken a back door to a great percentage of the things we say. Social media decides that for us, without our permission. The value system of friendship is no different. Yes, I've learned my lesson and it's never been easy. Most times, I find it really hard to deal with the honest reality that everyone of faith is not your friend. You mean brother and sister in Christ?  

I mean real friendship, the kind that takes time, trials, agreements, and disagreements. The kind where you're honest about your failures and areas you're strong inSometimes I can start by being real about perspective when friendship is concerned. What do you value and what are you looking for? What do I sound like away from social media, when I look bare and full of my own issues. Does my real friend see this? Look how ugly I really am and the real issues I deal with. I fell to these things because I would personally overly commit to friendships that had no real tested foundation. Most times the foundation would be based on only good times, never really seeing what the person was beyond what I could get from them.  
Hurt a few people, was selfish as hell in the process, and not really noticing, was not cute or cool. The church is a great place to find a valuable friend but make sure it's never the only option. Being in the same building weekly, without real engagement with real-life people beyond a routine, is only a set of speed dates. That scenario only breeds a lack of real conversation or space for anyone to meet and speak to each other.  

Learning to grasp this has been really tough. I've come to understand that social media or events have really never been a great place to make friends. I can talk to anyone anywhere, like, comment, even small talk but friendships that last go beyond your phone and take time. Quality time. So, enjoy the process and run a test on your current friendships. Ask hard questions. Deal with people who aspire and have the same passions as you. People who show things that could teach and make you better in your own personal life.  
God plays a major role in this. Honestly, why would you want to spend your time with someone who doesn't really want to push you to be better? Let things grow organically with conversations that expose our hearts and honest convictions. Time has all the answers. Let it happen, you never know who your best friend will be. It could be the person you least expected and they will look and talk nothing like what you had planned. Faith will always unite us but friendship makes us unique.
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