Big Texas Perspective

Perspective is everything. You can either choose to approach a new start with open arms where there's a chance to fail and grow in the process or walk in arrogance and be expected to be excellent everyday, then fall flat on your face.  Coming to Texas has tested me in ways I never knew possible. It was challenging to one day leave what I've known for 30 plus years and walk on new ground with zero understanding of what I was walking into. Nothing is ever as easy as we expect. The stress level was serious; new job, no home yet, and expected to perform at levels seen only on your resume. I had to catch myself one day, stop my car and just pray. Lord you've brought us to Texas, I don't have friends here, not sure if I will be accepted by those who listen, but i know one thing for sure. You did this... I don't have many answers but I do know you have all the solutions .
Fast forward 3 months, after stress, unanswered questions, tears, joy, and growth God has held us down. Texas is so different, its a lot slower than Miami and less flashy. Tacos and Buc-ess are staples here in the lone star state and the people I've met have been a blessing. I assumed so much when I got here. Yes there's cows, cowboys, and tons of taco trucks but Texas is much more than that. Its God country, people care about Jesus out here; regardless of how reckless their week might be Jesus shuts down the place on Sunday. The word diversity is real here, not Latino diversity, but Africans, Chinese, Greek, Latino and that's just the start. NGEN has been a growing experience, meeting a best friend in the mist of small adversity. Getting to learn, hurt in growth, and listen have all been great. I tell this to everyone I meet. I will never walk in fear! You have to spend some time with me and understand where I came from and understand I should not be here. Not in Texas or Miami, I actually mean not alive at ALL. The story has layers but that's more for another time, I know God has new layers to add and I'm willing and open to start the episodes in my life. Perspective can either set you up to grow or set you up to fail because of fear. Choose wisely, the mindset can change your whole world around. These are snapshots of my journey. 

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