Why i still support Social Club !

Why sit here , break down a whole post on why I really think these two dudes from Miami ,have impacted a movement that goes way beyond our city ,and is starting to spread across the country. The story for many that don't know, is that the way social club was built is almost like a fairy tale. LOL a dude released from prison(Fern), grinding like a mad man , connects with a ex youth pastor and approach a genre of music that takes it self way to serious. Social Club really does not care what you think of them, there music or there way of doing things. But this is clear, you cant deny awesome music that touches subject's many are scared to put out.  I had to re post this video because this guy is saying what many are scared to , or to cool to show face when posting on websites. Let him tell u . Watch and listen close. Finally someone says it.

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