All i can say is Thank YOU!

It's almost four months since I've spoken on so much that's happened in my life as of late. First i wanted to say i really appreciate all the people that prayed, visited me at the hospital,home,steady checking on me. The last month has been a learning experience to say the least. Becoming a father has been an amazing experience. My son Josiah is so cute and has changed the way i  think in a matter of hours it felt like i was downloaded with a new Dad Program. I know that sounds crazy but that's what Kid's do . My wife is so amazing WOW..i have to really soak that in. Many see a serious woman , who barley say's anything , but after almost 10 years of waiting for our first son its been such a powerful thing to see our little bundle of JOY! We love u son. I just wanna be a awesome dad. Amen.
Thank you Jesus for:
Letting me fight to write these words from a guy who never doubted your power but was tired of waiting for a kidney that was sitting in a sister who loves me , a mom who prays for me, a brother in law who will one day be a pastor and a wife who wanted and got her wish. Jesus your words never fall short. Thank you for the 3 months of growth in me. the quiet time that almost drove me crazy and the power to show me you have total control of my family life. Thank you for taking care of our every need. Giving me a Kidney that reminds me that regardless of how hard it may be to deal with me . You've already done the biggest miracle in me.
Jesus thank you for few real friends that i have , Lord you are amazing and now its time to work, do more but making sure that its not how much i do , but what  i DO! Jesus my words fall short , but i knew before and like i know now ! You are the only one that GET'S the PRAISE.

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