The Mighty Goal ?

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” is the question we get asked as children. That one question evolves as we get older and the motives or goals of our lives change. Goals in general have a clean sheet. People fight to obtain them, others never reach them and some even die for them. Are goals really that serious? Don't get me wrong I want to reach the list of stuff I write down on a weekly basis but you got to really ask yourself what goals or purpose does God want for me.
Now I'm going get serious... New business ventures have taken a serious toll on my personal life and something has recently happened as time went by. I figured out that my time with God has slowly become small or almost nonexistent. With so much going on It can be rough sometimes but my new business venture started to become an idol and you can apply that to anything in life.

Honestly my friend that's the point. God wants you exclusively in HD not a side gig or when you’re having an off day. It’s so much more. Anything in today's society can easily become an idol, from sneakers, clothes, & social media. We got to learn balance in our walks and clear understanding of what hidden idols may be around the corner.

So take a minute and recheck what makes you tick. What things secretly pull you from his presence? Could it be a goal, person or thing? God is beyond all these things and he supplied it all. Do it because he is your father and has set you apart. Make sure you can always have friends that are accountable and can push you to do more for the kingdom. Never let a Goal over shadow the push to obtain something greater in him. Goals are great but God will always be greater.

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