Time for transplant & time *Update #1

The reality of life can really slap you in the face and make you retract to the fight you may not know you had inside. Today I write you guys from the hospital as I am recovering from my transplant that went according to plan. I've been thinking about the last 3 days and recalling all the pain I've been through privately. I usually don’t tell people the small stuff but today is a day to rejoice, an expression I many times felt I was short on. Thinking about my son that's close to being with us, saying God is awesome, good or using a really cool word to express my God would be an understatement. I'm in a dream almost… unreal honestly. Over the 10 years of treatment for kidneys that didn't work, I'm humbled by the love I've received but this all comes with a price. Few can really understand the things I want to get done for my family, ministry, and really the purpose of God for my life. When I say I want to change the world; I’m being really honest … I can see it all clear in one word

Time  ...God gave more so it means we do more. I'm still in the hospital resting, healing and just seeking clear direction. It’s a little stressful but exciting in so many ways .Thank you guys for all the texts, Facebook posts, and tweets. See you all as a new man… real soon.
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