Confused Cassidy ???

I was having a conversation with a good friend and he brought up Cassidy saying he is a Christian. I did a bit of research and found out that he has a few faith based songs and freestyles. One of the commonly asked questions when it comes to Cassidy is why does he continue to contradict his Christian material. According to the Philadelphia rapper he found God after serving an eight month stint and a near-fatal car accident but after that event he still released music that wasn't Christian. Many have questions about him doing secular and Christian. In a Christian Post article he said things like

"It's kind of hard because a lot of people in the world know me for what I used to be and love my music and respect me for that. So you don't want to lose fans, but there are also a lot of people that love me because I'm going in the direction of the lord," – Cassidy

"It's hard to balance it out but I try to to the best of my ability. Another thing I don't want to do is at this particular point do all records about the lord or go completely in the direction of lets say certain gospel singers or things like that." – Cassidy

"I feel as though I can touch more people if I go in both directions because more people will listen. Sometimes if you do straight gospel music the only people that will mainly get a chance to listen to your songs will be people that are already in the church or the people that are already fan of gospel music,"  - Cassidy

"Those people are already familiar with the lord. With me, the type of music that I do and taking that opportunity to tell people about my relationship with God.. I feel as though I can bring a lot more people that wouldn't normally listen to gospel music or really be concerned with the lord to spread the word. I know that's what the lord wants you to do. That's pretty much the direction that I'm going in." – Cassidy

Could things be changing? Based on these comment it seems like he is still going to be doing Christian and Secular. He feels that his raps that are vulgar are simply like watching a Denzel Washington movie. He says it’s just entertainment and that his Gospel songs are how he really feels. Cass feels that he can reach more people by doing both and that God is fine with that. 

"If Denzel does a movie, killing people or cursing, talking crazy...that might not be necessarily how he is in real life. It's just a movie, entertainment. He's just playing a certain role. It's not like I'm acting like Denzel is, but it's entertainment," – Cassidy

"So a lot of the music that I make is based around that. But the records I make around the lord is how I really feel in my real life, my everyday life when I'm with my kids, when I'm with my wife, when I'm in church. That's the real me."– Cassidy

If you go to Cassidy’s twitter he is now promoting his upcoming book “B.A.R.S.” and the promo videos make it clear that his faith in Jesus Christ will be the main topic. Also Hip-Hop DX reported that he is working on a faith based EP with Pastor Jomo K. Johnson of Philly Open Air Church.

That will be the first time Cassidy has ever decided to make full length project that expresses his faith (Gospel project). On top of everything mentioned the company that is releasing the book and EP is a Christian publishing company called GGIS (“God’s Grace Is Sufficient”). The book is coming out on March 30, 2013. Is Cassidy making a full project a step into the right direction? Do you think he will continue doing Gospel and secular or will he eventually just do positive music? A lot of things will be apparent soon.
Here is the promo video and a recent song that he released. Both are have strong Christian themes.   


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