Perfect Week

Imagine having a week like no other , understand i said week , not day , minute , or Hour . God has a way to many times blow our minds . I been doing so much these last couple months, i haven't had time to write or for that matter really think about everything that's happen. So first off Happy New year bloggie its been a while but I'm coming back stronger than ever , from all the new things the father has in stored to the great news that has hit my doorstep . A few things for you to know

1. I was semi-cleared for a transplant ( which means )  I'm almost finished with the whole process and my sister is now the last person to be tested and cleared so we can pick a date for my life changing kidney transplant surgery .(AWESOME RIGHT LOL)

2. After alot of prayer and alot of tears as I'm keeping it real here. My wife and i will be having a baby. Please pray as this is a brand new season in my life & words cant explain how i feel, especially for those that know the fight to have a child has been because of my condition with kidney illness. God is good and his timing is perfect.

3. We are weeks away from our Baby Launching , not the real physical baby but the Mobile One ...the real one takes 9 months lol
Mi Gente mobile is almost here and as we get closer I'll give u all kind of info...i gonna be Huge!

We'll this was gonna be fast , quick and to the point. be encougaed & start 2013 Strong!!!
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