Consuming Craft

Being consumed can be a great thing or a huge hindrance. Many times I meet people in ministry; artist, people in the work of faith that appear tired, exhausted ,beat, whatever you want to call it. Ministry work is not easy, when you have a full time ministry plus a job. Understanding when something is overly consuming in our lives can be hard to detect. We can easily get used to being overly consumed with our creator when in fact we should worry about being overly consumed in him .There's a difference .I can recall a time in my life when I was doing so much in the physical and everyone would see this, but slowly I was losing special time with God in private, almost like a slower bandwidth so my system wasn't running as fast or as connected as I wanted. I was consumed with my craft, people, things, etc. Today I say, make the switch from being consumed in your craft to connecting with a consuming creator. Look past a skill set and towards a devotion to him. Get in the word beyond a Sunday. Talk to you bloggies soon. Be blessed 
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