My Feedback on this year's Shift Conference!!!

First i wanna say thank you to all those who came this year to the conference  . I Appreciate your support , desire and focus to seek god on new levels. Now let's get to the nitty gritty!! Praise God i'm happy from all the issues i encountered to the glory of god moving in that location in Doral the shift conference was BIGGER,BETTER,BOLDER and ready to reach new levels next year. I learned a few valuable lesson that i will take back , re-touch and better for next year. But more than all God really set a tone from the start. Worship was powerful and the speakers who may i add are all local except one where also used in a powerful way this weekend. If you missed it i got a few pictures on this post. And im working on tons of video...stay tuned & get ready because next year we come with a new vision and new drive to seek souls in south florida Godbless bloggies. Los quieros!!!!!!

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