Facebook fakes

Ever wonder if there's really that many people on Facebook , especially when u see that profile pic that looks perfect . A new study shows this actual thing. The Myth is true. Here's the proof. Now next time you get an invite from some guy or female that looks to good to be true, this might just help you make a wise decision.

 According to the recently released 10-Q quarter earnings report, Facebook believes that 4.8 percent of all accounts are duplicates, user misclassified accounts were about 2.4 percent of the total and "undesirable" accounts that are used for spamming activities at 1.5 percent. The total number of accounts is currently 955 million, which puts the number of fake accounts at about 83 million.
The document also revealed that there are 552 million mobile users that log in to Facebook at least once a month. However, 5 percent of those may be based simply on the fact that mobile applications log in to Facebook without active participation of the user. Of Facebook's 955 million users, 102 million are using mobile devices only.

Source: Tomshardware.com
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