The Vanessa James Mixology !!! #vjmediamixology #Breakdown

 Social media is something I’ve fallen deeply in love with since I began to really understand the power it has and how I could use it to relay my message. I was so excited to attend the first annual Vanessa James Mixology, which if your asking is the first ever gathering of bloggers , radio, TV and really just the big shots in media mixing it up in one room to chat, exchange info and as we say build. So let’s get to the good, and then I’ll tell you the bad. The good first, the event was so official, from the blackberry lounge where you could use a new blackberry pad and connect via twitter and Facebook, to the red bull picture taking social media sharing station and to the new ford vehicles in attendance.

The attention to detail from Vanessa James and her team was flawless. I love the wall projected with tweets from all the live attendees, it also made those not in attendance feel like there a part of the event. Everything was official; they even had an all event live stream with non-stop interviews. Hey, even I got an interview. I enjoyed the positive atmosphere, and semiserious corporate feel of the night. 

I enjoyed great cupcakes from @mycakedreams and learned great tips from respected bloggers. It was a night where I felt techy, cool, respected and learned from a woman I’ve slowly learned to respect and admire for her heart for others. Ok, since I gave the good. Now the bad! Honestly, the only thing that was bad was the fact you weren’t there to speak to me, so now your reading this line wondering why wasn’t I invited lol. All I can say is God is good and I hope to use some of the ideas I saw at this awesome event. Vanessa, thank you and ya tu sabe. See ya soon. Te quiero .  
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