Mighty Mouth

My mouth is known to be harsh, real, loud or maybe even to serious but the things that matter most these days should be the first thing my mouth mentions. I need to know when it says it and for what purpose. I need my mind to almost daily remind me to keep my mouth in check but something strange has happened. I noticed when I open my mouth something happens.  Not when I'm on the radio and physically speaking, I sound great, I do think I sound good, pray for me. Pray that when I speak out loud things change and I become a climate transformer. That’s what a reading session can't do, a performance can't top and what a dirty idea can't overlook. It can’t overlook an action to use my mouth, which is all I have to declare powerful things for my marriage, ministry, and anything else. It mostly happens when I don't feel like it that the strongest thing happens.  God is looking for a generation to have a voice. I know you heard that before at a church service somewhere or maybe on a T-shirt but I'm talking about a voice that’s inside and beginning a process and foundation for the rest of your life. We need it...I need it. God wants it, are you ready to fight for what you been built to do when god gave you a mouth. Use your mouth for more than talking, declare the things you want to see move ...and let the ultimate God do it by the simple action of your tongue. Be blessed bloggies.
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