Being Sleeveless

I know this blog will bless many and if you’re asking, I'm not a religious dude, just someone going through a few things like everybody else lol. The gospel, yes, the thing your granny talks about is something that has sort of become cool to water down. Be clear, watering down and coming with a new approach to spreading the gospel are totally different. It’s not like back in the day when my grandfather a pastor for over 50 years stood on a street corner in the Dominican Republic preaching with only a book and a horn. Times have changed and many strong people are preaching the gospel, but I think about what I've done so understand this blog is for me first and then you lol. Let me break it down, today’s society breaks the gospel into three levels and I'm going to make this mad simple. I’m using a human body breakdown. The first group has the gospel in their pocket, which means the gospel is tucked, hidden, and put away where you can't even see it most of the time. It’s there and it’s powerful but it never leaves your pocket side, so it’s useless. The second group is better looking but they don't do much, I see them as those that have the gospel on their sleeve so it visual but they are not like the pocket .The thing about the sleeve aspect of it is that everybody sort of sees it on your side but you only talk about the gospel when you’re in front of a few church folks and you can sprinkle the vocab and sound the part to the key. Again, at least it’s hanging in there and I find that most have this type of gospel, even if you disagree I find very few that are radical about their faith. We seem to think it’s cool to blend in and if nobody asks them I get to slip bye with having people not think I'm some crazy person. Wow I personally have found myself in this position when fear strikes and we use religion instead of faith and relationship with the father. It isn't all that bad because I've found people who have their faith in the right position,  dead center of their body, maybe a little right or left but it located in there heart and not scared to share. They grabbed the faith from their pocket and let it hang on their sleeve for a season and matured it to have it ready to share from their heart. Don't miss understand me it starts in the heart with a confession but some tuck it away or let their faith hang but you’re not one of those right? Make sure to push through and not conform to just blending into today's culture, have an identity and stop letting your faith hang on your sleeve like a piece of meat.  The sleeves got to come off. Say it from the heart and let him lead you .the purpose and authority he gives is powerful. How’s your heart ? Is it ready to share? Be blessed guys. Hebrew 11:1

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