Grateful B-Day

Today's my b-day as they as say..excited (nope not really ) focused u could say in many ways. I'm overly grateful this year for life and fellowship add a sprinkle of friends,family and god has been awesome to me. last night as i turned the age of 33 i did something different in private. i reflected on the last year . man was it ruff , let's cut the details ! i was suppose to do this a few days ago but its fresh. so here goes , hopefully i don't forget anyone.

My Mom - Love u thank u for your constant prayer..i never forget that.
My sister "Biggy" - your the backbone to making our family, te quiero.
My wife- Nidia i praise god for such a powerful women , you where made for me. Love you.
My Dad - i push to have a heart like u daily , very few people know my dad.

Tracey - homie your growing in faith , man your becoming something else.
Nissie - u know how i am and we will continue to be best friends its to hard to not agree with u!!

Pastor's newdawn - you guys are powerful , unique in style and I'm blessed to call newdawn home.
Dunamis - bro your heart is so unique, u've always supported me y te quiero como un hermano .
Chenolyfe- the pastor Ive seen for years, hustler,awesome mind,Evangelist but also a powerful friend.
Gabbylonia - we come from similar background and where just starting. love ya bro.
fynshlinee- bro we grown to become brothers i see the early stages of something big stay focused.
Amanda " butta p " man how are relationship has grown god is good.
Jenn villa... girl I've learned tons from u , your gonna be married soon i can feel it.
stephyp .. ur in process but don't change Ur style it makes u powerful and unique
Jol - bro u been with me for a minute your heart to serve and help me push this Thur has been special
Andre Mullen- my partner,brother and homie u and Ur wife julie leave me speechless u guys are $%%^
Marty mar- be u bro...u change people lives by the unique god u serve. Screw everybody lololol
Fern - im learning to understand u regardless if where to hard headed dudes ...te quiero loko
Maria(FNF) quiet,powerful and a sick MC in the making..i know god is setting this all up .cant wait!
Erica- wow where u come from to be a powerful member of my team Ur like my second sister. love ya
Mzz Dee- short time together but where running smooth , I'm hear to be a bridge. ready for the future.
Gustavo (CTF) bro happy for u, and i rejoice and the god in u...Ur a different guy these days.
Rey king - the underdog...who never seems to amaze me. bro where alike in many way than u think.
Joe justiz - a true man in the making , happy for who u've become.
lester LMS Auto works- your my project, u know where im coming from , I'm grateful for u .
Puffy- Ur heart is special for ministry , Ur like a sponge to better yourself for Christ and it impress me so much .
cliff (seven30grafx) a quiet dude with a heart of gold. praying for u and Ur wife & kids . te quiero tigre.
Tony chiva - my real brother , love u bro u don't say much but Ur actions speak volumes
Julia(mother in law) ur a mirror image of Ur son,te quiero and as years go by we've become closer.
Pastor's New Vision - Bela/Dorca even if left new vision Ur lives leave a imprint on my life still today.
Treat-Getting to know u better and powerful to see what god is doing , don't stop.
La nueva 88.3 FM - Los quieros todos especially maurico and camilo quitana.
Kdave - loko dont stop what u do nobody needs to see that , god is always watching. Mad love bro.
Abraham mettulus - the humblest Haitian man I know ..bro your one of a kind. Javier Lusian ~ a diamond in the rough bro I'm gonna push u till we make it broo..duro

All the artist i missed i appreciate Ur time and effort to support me in good and bad times.
Pastor's who support me beyond my home church .
parents who let there kids listen to me on the radio Ur also a blessing.

Lastly people who have always supported my crazy ideas to help young people in the city of Miami ...i love u guys and i wanted something different this year...i wanted to say Thank u with all my heart.
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