Undercover Blessing

Ever had a moment when it really hit you that you where blessed or received something special from god but didn't even really noticed,I been wearing this really cool heart monitor that I have to carry every where (hate it) with a strap lol. Yes I'm fine its only for 60 days and besides this device Is only checking my heart to see if I don't fall out.recently I been doing some physical things out with ministry, shooting video and at least for me its a challenge or at least was. The other day it hit me that physically I'm doing a whole lot better the funny thing is I noticed like 3 days late lol 

I came to me that god doesn't have to tell us when he gonna do something for us he just does it,  he is the boss, general,leader of my heart so he can do what he wants.I'm feeling great and why should I be surprised he is what words can't describe.Jesus the undercover healer, the express doctor,the one who says little and does it big in all aspects of the word.the blessing are there we just need to tap into them,  my healing is around the corner,  I been pushed to understand there is a date for my kidney transplant. Don't need you to understand ,just pray. 
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