"The Shield"

The believers shield has no back piece because we're called to go forward.   We must come into battle with a new mindset.   I spoke about download and tapping into but at the end of the day the battle is personal and daily. As soon as you finish reading this post the battle begins. One of the oldest scriptures I can recall from my childhood was the one where we are called warriors with a shield and a few other things to protect us. Have you ever been in a battle and used your back to defend yourself?  What do you think the outcome would be?

He has equipped us with the right protection. Many times I hear people complaining about the fight when they forgot their shield at home. Are you using your back with no protection or using the heart of God located in the front of your body to defend off the opposition and push forward? A shield can only be effective if used in the right manner. Oil it. Protect it as it protects you.  But most of all, use it to conquer this year. As I write more blogs this year,  He has chosen to sharpen my sword and shield. The sword is powerful, but its just as important to have protection. Psalms 7:10 
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