New Seasons in Media

Powerful things have been happening as of late and its amazing to see God's hand direct in the way it has. Radio stations are being added to the FNF Live brand,the vision to infiltrate TV is starting to unfold, and many times, when I don't fully understand what God is doing I make the decision to depend on the truth that He's in control. I'm finally at a place where I can tangibly see God's desire to take me deeper in the arena of media.
My goal is to fight to not just set a footprint but a blueprint.
There's a difference.
A blueprint is more than just leaving a mark, it's impacting the way a movement is seen.
It's a shift that can only be seen in the spiritual because it doesn't make sense in the natural.
Although it's easier said than done, there's power in getting it done.
There's power in pushing through the process just to live out the mission you've been given.
No matter what that looks like.
For me it's media. For you it can be missions, music, art or business.
But regardless of your mission, it's important to remember with God anything is possible.
God's grace is available.
His plan never fails.
On the days when the enemy tries to slap you with doubt, slap him back with the truth that the One who called you, is able to equip you until you cross that finish line.
That's what a new level looks like.

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