Humble & Hungry

Many post that i write have alot to do with 90% of my life , many people know my voice but few actually know me or my struggles to get to a FM station.I have a few interns these days which is cool but i have a guy i met about 2 yrs ago with a awesome love for god and super talented . His Name is Paul u might know him as Fynshline he's a Chicago native, in love with The Bulls and proud to be a Puerto But enough of this as of recently Paul slipped and told me he did a speech on me . I was a little surprised about the whole thing but when i saw the video i knew it could answer many question that many ask sometimes so enjoy the video ( he's actually on point with the info of my life. enough of me talking enjoy. be blessed and happy Easter!

And just to show u this man talent check him out live @ LA Nueva 88.3 FM
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