Bun&Cheese Sunday

I love culture u cant understand when i say that i love to learn about people's culture because there so many things you can learn from someone background and where they came from. this year i wanted to really figure out what other people do for Easter weekend and i hooked up with a few Jamaicans who kept telling me about something called Bun & Cheese ... at first i was like what?? but after a quick google search and some talking with island folk my inner fatboy came out lol , i was set to embark in a bun&cheese adventure so i called my source Mrs. Sinclair in Miami gardens , Understand Mrs. Sinclair is a special Jamaican lady that I've known for a long time she told me to come over and it would be her pleasure to connect me to the famous and expensive Bun&cheese...lol some may still be asking what is Jamaican bun & cheese , its pretty simple take sweet bread from Jamaica and add very expensive cheese...i was advised to express the fact that the cheese is expensive..but it was good cant front. here's a pic of your boy getting it in...Happy Easter my island folk!!!!! Dios les bendiga!!

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