"Life Vest"

Amazing at how quick we are to forget life's value. As of late, I praise God for the few health issues I have been fighting. I was told by doctors that my heart is weak. I'm wearing a new "toy" that I declare is a temporary thing. I had a procedure done to determine if my valves to my heart are clear, and the result almost had me jumping for joy. I learned that I'm clear and I didn't have to have heart surgery after all. Seems small, but man after all I been through, good news always out ways the bad. 

Provoking has been a powerful answer to many of my issues,  and I am understanding that I'm destined through my authority to do great things. Psalms 27 its short but loaded like a gun - verse that gives power to the powerless and gives meaning - is to understand to stay firm and fight through the storm.  In my case,  its simple to say my health but that's actually not the issue.  My heart condition physically looks rough, but spiritually, God is prepping the ground to get me to a renewed physical heart state.

Believe me I don't want a pity party. What I do want and need are your prayers in agreement . His timing is perfect. This new "toy" I have is called a life vest and honestly I don't put my faith in it. The life is embedded in my heart. I have champion DNA! LOL! @championdna.  I told my sister recently that I'm willing to fight for this calling because it's serious. This season is just a block to break and go over that leads to a greater understanding of His glory.  I declare it and sow it in my heart.  

Have a great week and if you have any can goods you want to donate to our first ever food drive let me know. 

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