The Fiber of your Faith

Being stripped to the bare metal many times is what is needed to get to the core of some of the issues we battle with for years.
I will never forget using a special airplane stripper (don't try this at home) to strip some old car paint off some chrome rims that I really wanted to put on my car at the time. The instructions said to use gloves to apply the stripper, being the too often hard-headed person I am, I didn’t use gloves. Imagine feeling a burning sensation with no fire! And water didn’t do anything but intensify the burning feeling. Definitely not my brightest moment, but my point here is that the paint can represent the struggles that hinder us for years, and if we don't have a strong enough stripper to rip those things away, they will continue to hold us back.

The stripper can represent change, a new perspective; when you make your growth a priority. And when you don’t make change a priority, ignoring the life God designed for you to live, the consequences are much like the burning sensation I felt in my hands. It wasn’t supposed to be that way, but because I didn’t follow instructions, I suffered. Have you ever noticed that most of these chemical strippers ask you to use a rag or cloth after application to make sure you wipe away the excess? Let your faith be your cloth. But what is the fiber of your faith? Will your cloth have the right fiber to wipe away the sin that’s been stuck to you for years or will it just leave residue? Are you willing to follow God’s lead in faith, obey His instruction or continue to figure things out on your own? These are the questions we should ask ourselves, because if we don't use our cloth [our faith] it can get moldy, dusty and not be as effective as it was intended to be. Then we miss out on the life God intended, simply because we didn’t bother following instructions.

Hebrew 11:1--- test the fiber of your faith. Define it and push through life with a clear understanding of the kind of life you were originally called to have. Don’t settle for less than that.
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