My Deepest Desire ???

As of the last couple months I been reading a powerful book on authority.  I've enjoyed reading since I was a kid and this book has been a powerful blessing and tool for my life.  I'm currently reading one of the final chapters and there's a series of questions that help with you figuring out what your authority is. I'm gonna share my true feelings on the matter, and if you wanna leave me your version go ahead. I'm picking some for my radio show so be ready. 

What is my deepest desire? Its funny because a few years ago, I wasn't too sure on the answer. 

Today I'm ready to answer. 

When I began in media, I always had a serious desire to entertain people from mixtapes, radio shows, etc. I've always wanted to entertain Christians. Back when I started, there wasn't Twitter, Facebook, or Foursquare. We used the little we had to attempt to make the biggest impact.  Today, God has made it clear time and time again that I'm a major portal for media.  What does that mean? Simple: When you have a radio show on 8 stations across the U.S., 2 websites; and 1 television network,  you figure out fast that even if you fight to not be in this God keeps opening doors. 

Today, more than ever, I've had the desire to no longer just entertain, but use media as a blueprint to my legacy. I want to see young people have more than JCTV or settle for just plain anything when it comes to media.  I have a desire to leave a firm foundation on media outlets for others to take to another level.   From radio to television, it needs to be done with excellence, using Christ and business savvy to out grow the secular market.  Notice I didn't say do it or stay at their level. I'm not  looking to become a carbon copy or Christian version. God has set me apart as passionately driven person that is destined to leave a stamp on this generation and impact millions. Today I've understood my purpose and why I'm crazy creative for Christ. 

So what is your deepest desire?
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