"Invaded Intimacy"

Being intimate with God is something I fight for on a daily basis.
Something powerful takes places when you’re able to leave routine and intimately connect with your Creator.

Do you remember back when you were dating your husband or wife?
Do you remember how in love you were?
Late night phone calls, daily texts, holding hands…love was always in the air!
Then that love just doubled on your wedding day, when you became one.
And although that love is strong, God’s love is stronger, and He is looking for intimacy.

A great friend once told me that there are certain things meant for only you and God, not to be broadcasted on Facebook or Twitter.
That’s the thing about intimacy, it’s something you experience in secret; with one special person.
The problem is that many times we let our lives be invaded with other people, places, things that take away from our intimacy with God.
I challenge you, don't let anyone interrupt your intimacy with God, because the moments you experience in secret will carry you to your breakthrough, answer your prayers and cause you to strengthen your walk with the One who matters the most.

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