"Faith without Feeling"

Ever had such a powerful moment in the pressence of God? Maybe a worship service, sermon or just reading something powerful.  Faith - real faith - can be a funny thing. Especially when we depend so much on feeling or emotion. Today everything is run by emotion - TV shows, online content, and even sales of CD's are driven by crazy emotion. It's like, "What will I feel today to feed my carnal need?" I personally fight many times with people who are over religious and sometimes a little out there. I know someone will say, "Who are you to judge others?" I'm not judging.  I'm just stating my view on the subject.  

Many times we are fast to assume that we need emotion to be connected to a move of God for it to be declared a move of God. Homie, this isn't true.  It's hard to praise or worship when the person leading can't sing and you don't feel it.  It's hard to listen to a powerful message when the person preaching isn't as animated as you would like so because of that you can't feel it.  

I write these blogs to help others but I feel this speaks to me. Feeling is over rated, and the sad part is that a feeling only lasts a minute, an hour, or a day.  God wants us to be connected daily, 365 days a year.  Can I be honest? I've said this before: This walk is daily and nobody is saying feeling is all bad, but never become dependent of feeling to measure your praise, worship or even listening the correct way . Take time to understand that faith does not require feeling. Push through feeling to always having faith beyond your problem. Train your flesh to not control you because your not feeling it. Train that faith muscle and get to be big and strong.  Be blessed bloggies and thank you for always taking the time. 
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