"The Start of your legacy"

2012 is here and people everywhere are talking about New Year's resolutions. Sad part is, its something man-made - something to hype us up to new things in the new year or time for goals to be reached. Goal reaching should be yearly not, not just starting in Dec or Jan.  Don't you know that breakthrough with our God happens everyday, every minute?

Almost a month has gone by since the start of the new year. What's changed in your walk so far? Funny thing is, I'm talking to myself when I write this.

Matthew 6 :21 says in the simplest way possible where ever your treasure is there lies your heart . This new year gives us a fresh start to re-position what and where our treasure lies.  God wants to take you from a normal person to a person of purpose.  The new year begins the start of your legacy and for some, their lives will change in drastic ways all because they made a choice to begin their legacy this year.  After years of sleeping, something has changed will. You must begin the grassroot process of your upcoming legacy. When you really understand what lies in the balance  -people lives, ministry, family, the future of your kids - it should make you want to make the choice to stop playing and begin the shift to begin your birthing legacy. This might not be for everybody. Our legacy is to prepare the coming generation to take our God to greater levels. I started my legacy. Did you start yours?  Go ahead a drop me a comment on your legacy and what God is doing with you.  Be blessed and talk to you guys soon. Love ya. 
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