Secular Substitutes Part 2

If you listen to secular music long enough, no matter how religious or bible savvy you might be, it can effect the most prepared scholar.

Think about this for a moment: Have you ever had a moment where you wanted to be all alone with God, accompanied with some powerful worship music? It's like your heart crying out for His Presence. I know I might be getting too deep for some maybe even religious but we can't deny it can be a powerful moment. Secular music has alot of the same effects even if we fail to accept the facts.
 I can always recall how secular music affected my life especially before a high school football game. I needed it to feel hyped to hit somebody on the field. Secular music even today can take me to places in my mind that I may not even wanna share when I was so lost being in church. It's a Spirit.  Guys, if we really died to our old self , why are even using those cheap excuses to kid ourselves? The last few months have been great for me, and the decline of secular music in secret has been amazing for me personally.  I've come to this truth that I wanna be connected to him daily.  Not just on Sundays but daily in my walk. 

Nobody is saying your going to hell. If you're freely listening to garbage, you're letting that stuff work in you. To tell me you listen and don't remember anything is a fat lie. If garbage is taking the lead in your heart where God should truly reign, then there's a problem. I've come across believers hearts who are hard and listen openly at celebrations, functions, chill time, etc and the game switches once a few church homies show up. They cover their tracks by not letting you look at there iPod for a minute so you wont see the music in their play list. I'm not here to condemn anyone. We all need God's Grace, but with the same coin, we need to make the choice to be more connected beyond a Sunday service or church gathering.  Here's a simple challenge: Take 30 days and delete those songs you love so much in secret and add instead more quiet time with God.  It can be a few things from prayer, reading time with some powerful worship music, set the mood if you like. You do it when you listen to that other stuff. LOL!  

I can promise that your life will never be the same! We don't need secular substitutes when He is Genuine in His Love, Grace, and Mercy . It's special when we can read our word, get revelation, and have free will to apply real time application. Be blessed bloggies.

For anyone asking here's Part 1 of this Blog  Part 1 "Secular Substitutes"
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