"Provoke Passion"

My heart is heavy for more of His passion to serve. I'm in a season of provoking my close friends, ministers, or anyone I come in contact with. 

I have a friend who"s older than I am, that I respect and admire so much. God has used this one man's life to teach me what servant hood really is. I come from a old school way of doing things in church. Servant hood wasn't looked at or really showed it self in its true form in my younger years. (Relax I'm not that old..lol.) I'm asking God to break my old ways of thinking and doing things. I may be going through hell physically, but I refuse to stop serving God. I am more sure than ever that God is provoking new levels in me. I wanna live on this earth pushing to provoke others. I pray for my wife and my best friend Nisse, to not be over looked because of what man sees but what God has provoked in their lives to live to their fullest potential.
Potential, passion, and service all take commitment. Are you willing to fight for others, I mean REALLY fight? Are you willing to deal with issues to provoke a shift in someones life? Everyone is called to do something powerful for God.  I declare a season of a provoking heart for others this year. Use every opportunity possible. To make every breath count is my new motto this year . Push hard or go home. The year of sleeping is done. Show passion to provoke others besides yourself.

Here's a video of a friend of mine who's a respected Fashion Designer in NY..with a Passion to do more let the video speak for it self. be blessed! Shout out to "ING Active Wear"

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