My First Food Drive

This Blog will be short and to the point , as many of you guys know I'm in a new season of my life & I'm excited to share something new I'm doing with my home church and Radio show , in a effort to do more than talk or do concerts i wanted to really help by using Feb 14 th as not just a day for Love , but about showing love to others beyond words.So i anted to help Launch my home church's Food Dist Program for the North Miami Community but we need your help its simple . I'm looking for at least 1000 pounds of Can Goods by Feb 17th. As of right now i think i got about 50 Pounds lol i need all the Cans i can get !!! The Theme is simple #Lovethyneighbor Got any can's send me a email or hit me up on twitter here's all my contact info .

Twitter @jblaze305
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