Tapping his Heart !!!

So much has happened in my life this year. From trials to some of the biggest victories in my life to growth in new areas and immaturity in others, I woke up this morning really asking God a few questions about what I may be going thru at the moment. I got a very simple yet powerful answer so I felt lead to share it. God simply said, "Manny, this year you went thru it but I'm gonna let you tap into new greatness from My Source (His Heart) for 2012." This includes tapping into a greater love for people, tapping into a greater awareness for my home church's direction, tapping into greater submission to my authority, tapping into maturity to teach and preach, and reaching new levels in Him.  God has given me so much this year. I've learned so much about my calling and purpose although I'm still missing a few answers at least the process is in progression.what has God shown you this year? Think about not just the issues but the process.  Think about the victories even if there small. It's those victories that are leading you to new areas. Our hearts are being prepared and being downloaded with new levels of glory in Him that include maturity, boldness, love, and so much more! Amen! Declare those things in 2012. Don't wait for somebody to ask or tell you! Declare it for your life today! Tap into the greatness that only he can give. Download the new program today and start the new year with a new hardrive. Happy New Year.

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