Honor the Old Boy & Old Girl ???

This title might make you do a double take. Of course it would. I used an Ebonic term for the way I want to speak about my lovely parents. I love them both with so much of my heart and that love grows daily. As I get older, I come to really understand what role they play in the man I am today. My dad has a deep voice and is very direct.  But at the same time, he  has a heart of gold for others in ways I sometimes can't even understand. Regardless, I must say I want to be like him one day. My mom is similar in many ways. She's a praying woman who I admire with such a heart for God. It has transformed her life and I have been able to see the God in her.  For so long it's encouraged my walk. She's given me Bibles and resources and has a great heart for people from giving clothes to food.  

My mom has been such a blessing to me in many areas. 

Over the last couple of months,  I've really been thinking about how the Bible talks about honoring your mother & father. Let me say its been a eye opening issue for me. Years come and go, but I think as time goes by, I've learn so much about my parents. Even if I don't agree with everything they do, I do respect and love them regardless. My toughest times have been with them fighting in prayer for my well being. My sister could get a whole post all by herself also... 

I wanted to share the word "Honor" which means "special esteem or respect". Do you honor your parents? Think about that for a minute. If not, its time to revamp the game plan. God looks at this. Some may have a great relationship with church members and treat there parents like crap. This subject can go in many different directions but I'm in the business of telling you what The Word says. We must strive to give our parents honor. Take a minute this week , give your parents a hug, or a simple phone call or text. I'm learning to value the minutes I have to relax and fellowship with them in all I do . Its been a learning process but the rewards are priceless! Be blessed this weekend.
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