"Firm Faithfulness"

I have no clue if I have ever spoken about this topic but the last couple of weeks I have seemed to quickly forgotten about how powerful God’s faithfulness is in in all we go through. In the last couple of weeks I've been sick, I’ve fought a nasty cough, I’ve traveled to NY, and I have just been out of it in many important areas like prayer. It’s easy to say this because I am real about my relationship with God. Thank God for his grace lol but honestly I had to really check myself because from a human perspective it can be hard to understand anything when you’re going through physical issues. I'm not talking about the kidney I'm praying for in 2012. I'm talking more about the simple cold, fever or whatever it may be; basically when you’re feeling like crap. I've heard this in Hundreds of sermons everywhere but while digging in the word I came across Lamentations 3-23 again. It says“Great is his faithfulness, his loving kindness begins afresh every day.” Can I get an AMEN!!! Even when we fail God is amazing!!! My heart sinks when I think about it.God has been everything to me. His faithfulness overwhelms my heart. It brings me to tears sometimes. The word Faithfulness is so powerful.People fail us, family fails us,homeboys fail us, your momma will fail you but the father is faithful!!! Need I say more about this topic? This simple post reminds me to strive to be as faithful as I can till the end. Our relationship with god should be taken serious. The key to reaching new levels in him is a heart and mind focused on him. I can say all this as I fight for new levels in Christ. I hope you guys have a great Holiday season. I got more stuff coming even changes with the radio show. 2012 is a big year I’m coming in with a new outlook and ready to continue the process of getting a kidney. God is Faithful and his love endures forever. Be blessed guys and thanks again for the read.
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