Authority really means Submission

As of late, I've been into this really powerful book by Dr. Myles Munroe on Authority. This book has been a huge blessing to me, especially being that I been in church for so long. The word authority gets taken lightly as years go by. I recall being young and sort of being scared when someone said the word authority. LOL! (Of course, I had a problem with submission and being extra hardheaded.) This book talks about something very interesting that I never of heard of and this one statement changed my life: "Do you know Jesus submitted many times in the bible?  Jesus had authority, but it was only activated when he submitted." Yeah, I know you're not convinced. (When you get some time, look up the verse I post at the end of the blog.) This sentence made me really realize that in my home church, Newdawn Ministries  in North Miami some of the most powerful people in my church have a serve mentality first and authority is somewhere in there!! Funny to really see it that way.  One of the biggest examples is when John was able to submit to what he was told to do & Jesus submitted to being baptized to then being ready to for the launch of his ministry. Submission began with this powerful move. It's taken me a long time to understand this because submission is looked at as a sign of weakness which (insert old school church voice here) is a lie from the pit of hell! LOL! The secret to life is constantly submitting to God & His Authority, even though you don't always understand. Learning to submit isn't all that easy but it takes growth & maturity . The rewards are blessings without measure. (Just to keep everything in line take a look at Matthew 20:26-28.) Merry Christmas guys! Talk to you soon
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