"Secular Substitute" (Part 1 of 2 )

I've waited long & hard to actually speak about this subject. It's something I've fought with for a long time.
Never really having a clear communication about what to do when it comes to it. It's something I find myself always having to defend and artists always want my feedback on the matter.

Secular music is the topic of this post. The pro's & con's, if there are any and what the Father has been showing me these last couple of months; especially with over 7 years in radio & media. I got tired of always fighting to defend why I did or did not listen to secular music. The cover up they call it. So many will be fast to say something like, "I'm mature in the faith", funny thing is I used that line for a few years and you're lying to yourself in so many ways if you really think or accept that craziness. By now you might not want to read on and that's fine, I wrote this for those who need to be challenged to seek more than a cool song or hit record.

The other great line I hear a lot, especially from artist, is this famous one "I only listen to the beat to get inspired to write a verse".  Is that the best you have to offer? Getting to the point; I came across Romans 6 (Just read the whole thing ) and it breaks down some simple things like verse 4 clarifies how our old, sinful nature takes a nose dive when we make God the center of everything we do, including music. Verse 5 says we become part of Him so as He died, we died to our old sin. We live because He is alive in us and we are a new creature in Him.

Becoming part of something, especially today, means a lot. Words like follow through, fellowship, accountability all come to mind. When God becomes the center, everything should change. Not instantly but the change should be felt and seen. In my personal life I noticed that if I didn't apply myself in small areas like time, dedication, follow through, I could never really attack the bigger problem areas. Music especially secular music was something I always put on the back burner. I see so many believers that let this subject slide.

Secular music, without a doubt, even if you don't agree can many times have hotter songs, beats, even melodies and for people & artist we can say I'm using this as a measuring stick of sorts. To make my ministry better or more revelant to a bigger crowd. I see a problem because it starts this way and with time these songs start to really grow within you. You don't have to believe what I'm saying. Time goes by and if you listen long enough the influence of that song will start to show in the way you act, respond to things and even think. Music has power. Many don't really know how strong of a spirit music has.

Listening to secular music long enough, no matter how religious or bible savy you might be can effect the most prepared scholar.

Part 2 is coming next week..........All feedback welcomed.
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