War Ready?

One of the most powerful things in life is when you're facing a challenge and you're prepared for what's to come to ace the test, or even simply overcome the problem. This walk is daily and it's a battle in itself. I know that phrase isn't "churchy" or cool church lingo but it real. It's tough to stay holy or even half way Christian with some of the things we go through daily from attitudes, issues, stress, people in general. It can be a handful, but thankfully grace is here.

Then as I was studying I came across Matthew 10. Finding this verse was like finding a gold mine and in it were instructions for the war.

 God spoke to the 12 disciples and gave them orders to go into new areas to push the gospel. The one thing that's overseen though is the specific game plan. Too many people today live life from Sunday to Sunday instead of from glory to glory. God instructs and speaks to us through the Holy Spirit to move with motive, vision and effective execution for the task at hand.
I heard something recently that was powerful. A young man of God said "Many Christians want titles and want to live off their pastor's prayers instead of seeking to hear THE Father and living off their own prayer life.".

Make sure to open your hearts wide to understand what God is speaking into your life. Make the necessary changes, listen to the game plan because the lives of many are in the balance. Are u ready for war?
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