Un-measurable Boldness

It's been about a week since I wrote my last post. Between working on #Shift2011,  talking to my PR person on the low key (@jmvilla) and sort of helping the wifey with the baking business, it's been an OK week of endeavors. I'm so into reading its almost crazy. I dove head-first into the book of Acts; which I'm almost finished with. The book of Acts has so many powerful lessons of boldness that I can't even begin to explain how these old school cats went in so hard to preach the gospel. Death, prison, beat downs... all for the gospel.

It's impacted and even challenged me in a few areas of my walk. Christian's love to be comfortable at church, from a powerful praise & worship service to a powerful message, many love the culture of "the church", but few understand the purpose beyond the building setting on a weekly basis. I equate this to a filter; which in today's society, everything has a filter. From radio to TV and of course we can't forget social media. Back then Paul didn't have a filter to do anything, and if you read the story of Acts; many times Paul was on the verge of getting killed for spreading a message that wasn't approved by all.

Be quick to also understand that just because it wasn't approved by many doesn't mean that it wasn't effective. Ministry and boldness become partners and only very few get their message across without being bold & radical with something they believe in.

How Bold are you??? I don't mean to say that you need to be screaming in a Sunday service. I'm speaking about getting dirty, getting uncomfortable and doing what you know God has called you to do. The thing is that we enjoy the A.C in church building. Lol. We need to become bold with the calling, with the ministry and be faithful with the small. God is building us to be a bold generation with wisdom, but ready to make changes without filters. Let the world filter its way outta your life, drink from the Father's living water.

Ref: Do yourself a favor read the book of Acts
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