"Uncommon Power"

Today has been great, from getting my wife's cake business going to
doing things around the house. I'm starting to be broken in new area's
and keeping it very honest is a process that's not fun, but needs to
be done. Most times Christ does this to create a new powerful man or
woman in us. Some of the most powerful people I know have been broken
down to bare metal, lol, almost naked to be built back up for a higher
calling . It's a fight that many don't want to deal with, but
substituting faith in the place of pride is the shifting part of all
of this.

We find that all through the book of Acts people were crazy about
spreading the gospel, it was bold, fast and spreading daily, not just
Sundays. Can you imagine living back then? Wow. One of the main things
that's overlooked in this book is that the people God used to win so
many people were common folk! Common people who made a decision to not
only follow God, but to win others for the kingdom. No big ministry
titles; just a seed that grew in these lives to impact thousand's.

What are you willing to break from you're life to be made up into a
new man or woman of God. It's a question which requires more action
than just saying it with your mouth. I want to be broken, break me
Lord into what you want me to be. Reminds me of that song from Gospel
rapper Lecrae "Send me, I'll go!!! Which comes from Isaiah 6:8.

Are you ready to go beyond?!!! We may seem very common to most, but we
serve the most powerful source in the world. God is Powerful!!! Use
the power He's given you.

Guys have a great day, talk to you soon.Thank you again for checking out my post.
Be blessed.
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