"Powerful Plate"

Ever had a really bad day that turned out to give you some of the biggest breakthroughs you've ever seen? Today was that day for me. As many of you guys know I'm on dialysis; its a story I've said a hundred times. Lol. Who cares? Yet what happened today left a serious mark on what I need to have my heart and mind connected to.

Today I was told by a medical staff member at my unit (center for treatement) that my medical labs weren't looking good at all. As a matter of fact & being very honest I've been lazy, disinterested and many times unmotivated by the whole thing.

Take in mind that I've been in dialysis for almost 7 yrs. But today was shocking to say the least because I was told that I'm starting to show the effects of somebody who calcium is through the roof. Long story short; I'm starting to get alot of black marks on my skin. Most people can tell and some are nice and dont say anything while others don't look at me that much so its a little hard to notice.

Being real with myself I've seen these marks for the last couple of months and I've just been too lazy to get serious about taking a simple pill to fix the problem. Can't lie I was feeling down hearing this news and the way it was relayed it hit me like a bag of bricks. Sitting in treatment you can't go anywhere, you're stuck to the chair, and you're not leaving anytime soon.

So I went into a quick prayer to remind myself that God is always in control of my situation. It was a bit tough to do, but I honestly said "Lord do something. I'm struggling." It's like you're stuck in a huge hole and no one can see you to help you out. The devil is a liar!!!

What happened next was powerful! My nurse, who's a believer and an elder at her church, comes up to me and says "Manny, God put this in my spirit for you" in the word it says (keep in mind, this lady really doesn't do this at work but man was it powerful) in the bible there's a verse thats says (she didn't know the verse but I searched and found it, Psalms 84:11) "For Jehovah God is a sun and a shield: Jehovah will give grace and glory; No good thing will He withhold from them that walk uprightly." Can somebody rejoice with me? It hit me like a train!!! I actually asked her to repeat it because I wanted to really insert it into my heart. God knows us in such a powerful way. The father can move anytime, anywhere.

Something that God showed me later was that when the nurse received this word she was looking for paper to write it on, but she happened to grab a plate! Lol. To be honest I really didn't think about it until I  finished my treatment and sat in my car. God was moving in my car and showing me something so much stronger the verse plus the sign of a plate that used to feed those in need. It filled my heart with such a joy. Wow.

In my car, 2 pm, God is telling me this no good thing will be withheld from them that walk uprightly, my date to leave dialysis is set wow. God has a special person set apart for me to get a kidney. Who that is, I have no idea, but I know its coming and the plate shows me that he has set everything I will ever need to feed and prepare me for my mission. Wow guys; I think I sat in my car for 15 minutes just praising God for a plate that changed my life in a powerful way. I wanted to share the blessing with you guys (here's the real plate in person) with the nurses writitng...

God is Great WOW! I wrote the verse reference so I wouldn't forget. Check it out!!!

Love u guys. Thanks for all the feedback you give me.

Thank you guys!!!


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