"The Phone is calling"

Just to let you guys know I'm an android user, and I've been using an old 3G Android phone for the last 2 years that's driving me nuts. But God loves me and I should have a new phone in the next few days. I'm super excited about all the apps ,speed & smell of a cool new electronic toy. Thinking about how we treat our phones I came up with some crazy facts that I see daily. Think about this; I'm the first one to confess that I've had to make a few changes when it comes to how & when I use my phone.

I've come to the harsh reality that many times we are quicker to go to our phone than to speak to someone in person. We're so excited to tap on our keypads, download new apps, get updates from social media and we see nothing wrong with this. Don't get me wrong, my comments are not based on hating on new cool phones, but everyday we become so impersonal.

Just flip it up for a minute... If we spent just half of the time we spend on our keypads on directing our efforts to seeking God more? Imagine how that would look and feel like in our walk! WOW! New levels being reached, breakthroughs, new seasons, & blessings. The list goes on and on.

Yes I know I've spoken about this before and I'm not trying to sound religious. Just let the Cell Phone set u free! Lol. If you find time to over protect your phone with a cool new cover, how about you also make sure to cover your relationship with the Creator with more than just plastic, but with a radical change to dig deeper. Use the "over" protection to protect your relationship with the one who gives life!

Drop the phone for a minute and dial in!!! Be blessed guys and remember a #shift is coming...

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