The Best is yet to come!!!

I've been at this 7 Yrs to be exact , still grinding to reach something many of us never realize , this post will be very real maybe something u might not like but it hits me sometimes to see these artist killing themselves for some love , broke with a real job , asking god why I'm not touching the unsaved all i do is rap at church events , never ministered to a secular person outside my circle , ready to record a song but struggle to reach a higher calling in Christ because we fill the void with a talent that limit's us in ways we sometimes don't even see. I promise i will never talk about this again , but I'm quick to relate this to issue with dealing with music for so long. have u ever taught for a second when we see God in Heaven (imagine u saying i Dropped 6 Albums,6 mix tapes,did 300 shows ) lord i did your will!!! Think about it for a minute...really think about it ! God wants more than your cool talent he needs your passion to push other's to Christ whatever way that is...being creative plays a role. It's taken a while for those feelings of thinking I'm doing enough for god to die ,we're easy to become comfortable with what we are doing , people tell us we do great, get pats on the back , stroke our ego's on social media but the father is asking for way more.I'm done with this issue when i open up about this i can get so negative so easily thinking of the headache's I've been Thur.It's the Past, i  learn to be quiet , nobody needs to listen to me unless he says's to speak , right time ,right place...i wanna submit regardless of how hard it may be to die to old habits. God is Moving and the best is yet to come. i can stand on that alone. Be blessed and beware the #shift is coming.LOL Here's a pic from 7 Yrs ago with my Homie @djsoundwav,enjoy!!! 
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