My issues look Big! ,my purpose is greater!

Waking up to a new day, fighting issues daily, people's ego's plus my own. It's tuff or almost depressing to look at the bad side of everything. I've been stuck in the book of Acts as of late & one thing comes to mind when I get deep into this gospel. Boldness. It's everywhere from Peter on down. People were bold about their faith in the Father and kings had to listen, step back and realize His greatness

It's really hard to sit and think about my issues which I have mentioned so many time it's old & tasteless. I'm more into thinking and fighting for the greatness that God has set out for me in this new season of fighting for what's mine.

Acts chapter 4 speaks about the issues that the high priest had with Peter & John because of the miracles and turnover rate of new Christians in the region. I know they were scared, but people were moving in faith, accepting Jesus on the spot, beyond all the issues of being jailed and beaten, these guys never stopped proclaiming Jesus. Being completely honest it makes me wonder how serious or even honest we are with being bold about our faith. Not at a church event. I mean being truly radical. I'm also talking to myself so relax. Lol.

Peter & John at this point were almost at 5000 souls being converted! Powerful!! This leads me to this point: issues are small when you really understand how big our God is. My issues? I could write a book about them, but we need to activate the grace that God has set out for us. Issues are nameless when we understand that our purpose has a name.

Fight beyond your issue and get what is set out for you. Your family, ministry and so much more is just waiting for u to reach greatness in HIM!!!
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