Loose Mouth Syndrome!!!

Ever had loose mouth syndrome?  lol i know does that even exist? don't worry i googled it ...where all fine relax. For those that have no clue what LMS is it's simple , ever been in a argument and said something without thinking sort of like using your butt as your brain ..that's LMS.lol I've actually had LMS a few times , being that i come from the hood it was hard to not have LMS...people sometimes can act like animals..sorry it's the truth.i would get into some thick stuff and always wanted to say the last word, loud,and draw a point with no thinking process involved. Today its still a struggle, now u gotta touch the right buttons to get me there, I'm pretty laid back , God is working on the masterpiece . LMS reminds me of peter in the bible. he's was one of the 12 that rode hard with Jesus , but for many reason Peter has a bad case of LMS and even denied Jesus ( John 13-38 ) in the same breath Jesus used peter to impact thousand's Thur a powerful preaching. The same mouth that had LMS used to impact so many! (Acts 2-41) talks about a huge number of people who where not only touched by changed ! This example makes me understand the power of our purpose in him. I can be a slick mouth for Jesus..lol No relax. God has us set up for a greater purpose in him. Peter had LMS but also submitted to being wrong many times and repented for his sin.Today is the day , i know a few of my peeps know where I'm coming from . Never let your mouth stop u from reaching greater levels with the father. Greatness is One Loose Word Away. LOL
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