Could i have the eye???

For years I've been in media , yes radio but dealing with graphic designers,photographers ,and all kind of so called name droppers, lol but as of late I've been so in Photography man do i enjoy it. so i said if some of these guys can do it and there so-called pros, why cant i get in on the action. We'll as far as the action , no I'm not starting a business im not gonna run before i walk so i hustled my way into get @carmenskyy a local artist a Mini-photo shoot in Hollywood be honest it was last minute and i was learning as i went at least I'm trying don't kill me yet. But im learning that that most important thing about taking pics is "Your Eye" not eyes i said EYE!!! yes Believe me when i say if u have the eye ur set to u might need some cash to get a dope camera, might also help in the process , your iPhone or android can only do so much. So get your eye ready & just so u know i care here's a sample of a pic i took enjoy.

P.s if u wanna see more of my work ....check it all out here
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