All i need is you

In a world where everything is so on demand from TV, web even movies. So much more we fall into a routine of always wanting everything fast and now. If not we sort of act up or it bothers us. God has been talking to me, He's been telling me to be patient about what He wants to do in my life as of late in this season. I'm enjoying it, but to be honest, I'm also very impatient.

I'm willing to go through the process, my mindset is simple; to grow. There always has to be a process. Many times it can be hard, very seldom is it easy. I wan't to do so much for the kingdom beyond my means but first I must be prepared. See I'm a radio DJ for an urban gospel show, but nothing compares to being solo with the father in worship as He restores our hearts in many new areas. I listened to a song recently and it made me think about us wanting everything to be on demand, fast  & when we want. This song stopped me in my tracks as I'm reminded "That all we need is Him" (by Hillsong United).

If we would stop for one moment and just think hard about all the things we want & need, what has been provided or set apart for us already. My new kidney has a date to be shipped I trust and understand it's coming.
Psalms 62 is short but very powerful. Verse 6 says this: "Truly he is my rock and my salvation, he is my fortress I will not be shaken." Just stop playing and read the entire chapter it's short but brings us an assurance of depending only on the father in an "On Demand" world. Make sure that He becomes "On Demand" in your everyday life with "On Demand" prayer, word, and a Christ guided "On Demand" lifestyle.

Be blessed guys this is new for me and a few friends have made it a point that I need help with writing... Lol...
Here's the song I was talking about. Listen to it first then
read the blog. Love you guys for checking out my blog.


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