It all has a Time.

Hello Bloggies , its been almost 2 weeks without Twitter and besides the fact that I'm fighting with these new treatment options today or right now was the best time to blog .I'm doing OK, feeling better & a new car from my sister also makes everything better.Keep your boy in prayer as I'm dealing with new changes that I'm not use to & they hurt , add the no sleep factor to it and u got a great mix of feeling like crap.besides all my drama I'm living & breathing of course looking forward to making some strong impacts in 2011.Time has a way of passing us by i feel like every minute spent could of been something powerful to have done.At the End of the day He has the last say so .I find myself saying alot of the same stuff over & over in my head wondering when will it all stop.When will i stop being sick,tired,feeling like crap but God is in control we must always understand that his timing has a purpose & my miracle will always have a Due Date.Don't worry if u don't understand my blogg entry it's cool ...i DO!
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