The TV Dream !!!

few people know that we have a Real TV Network its cool u'll know soon enough, as we work on new show ideas for fuegotv ,I'm excited being that TV is alot harder and takes alot more time to actually make reality. Also feeling challenged to do something no one else has done makes it more excititng.But to be honest my blog has more to do with having faith beyond measure !!!TV if u don't know is expensive to produce , very expensive and god has been awesome with providing friends & camera's but last night in prayer something happen that changed my view and approach in 2011 . i came up with a simple vision *I will not struggle to do God's work when u work for the kingdom ,faith plays a major role in understanding that to do major things Ur faith has to be major!!Simple but very few really understand that .add that to the fact that we must be disciplined in not doing anything to fast without talking to god can make or break ur ministry.But i believing in a Major increase & yes I'm talking about Money $$$$ so I'm stepping into my position and no longer letting my condition dictate my vision & blessing to impact millions in media  TV,WEB,Radio,,,So let the Money rain lord cuz we got millions to touch and the time is now.Goodnight guys

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