Street Hustle to Wisdom on Asking

One of the Hardest things i struggle with is asking for anything especially if it's free, but today i was challenged in a specific area & to be honest i needed to hear this from somebody i respect . This person said these simple words stop crying and tell me in detail what u need. many know I'm looking for funding for fuegotv and the saddest part is that god used 3 people to relay the same message 3 wow can it be more clear. so i  make the choice to do a few things.1.i wont ask anybody for anything until i know exactly how much & what i need in detail.2.I'm fighting for the things god has set apart for me.3.I'm not gonna take just anything.Things like this make me wonder that as Christians we doubt going into ministry because when we start we really start with very little.I learned my lesson the time to stop thinking like that will be today as I've made up my mind to go harder than ever before for what god has set out & I'm coming with papers in hands...Details included. We going hard in the yard.Its key especially in our own ministry to write stuff down , like your vision,plans,goals everything so u know where your blessed and dont forget to plan your details.
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