Planing Plain Peroid.

It''s late like always i struggle to sleep at a decent time but i love to blog & get open with what's on my mind,Today was great because i went without a phone for a day which makes me think about freedom for a minute but also i was able to Plan for 2011. FNFlive will go Thur major changes Radio show wise , so for those asking or even wondering it's crystal clear that our listeners want alot of what Friday night fuego had to offer, so I'm listening and we will get it right.I'm learning that if I'm organized for other things i need to take the time to care what my few listeners like,so planing and execution is key to making 2011 big for fnflive.Just keep us in prayer as 2011 looks to be the breakthrough year for me & my's early planing that will be the key to it all....Period!!!!
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