Numbers & Facebook Fakes

These days it's hard to be honest about almost anything because social media exposes everything especially when u front about being a good artist and sit on facebook harassing people to listen to your wack i came up with a simple rule . 1. i don't play games on facebook no farmville,social city,fish,whatever...especially that new game people harass me with #'s please save Ur time & mine, it almost sounds like I'm hating so I'll tell u now that i 2. please be wise when u hit me up to listen to Ur music come correct with something that's worth listening to, never cool when u send me something that's not even mixed !3. Facebook is slowly becoming myspace , so be wise on how u post,nobody wants to see the same post 300 hundred times please,i know i post alot but atleast i give it a few hrs in between post 4.i saved the best for last , this word will soon be like a sickness "Tagging" people for no freaking reason!!! Stop it especially trying to tag me on some dirty straight sinful pic of a half naked chick, these are just simple rules to not getting people to delete u on facebook.And I'm still open to listening to music but to be honest just send it to my email the chances of me actually listening to it are slim to none.So stay away from #'s and please don't become a facebook fake!!! Goodnight.
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